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Nanamica and the Gorpcore Revolution: Blending High-Fashion with Outdoor Functionality

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

In the world of fashion, few brands have managed to stitch together the narratives of land and sea, traditional and modern, utility and aesthetics as seamlessly as Nanamica. The brand, which translates to 'House of Seven Seas', is not just a label; it's a testament to the power of narratives, a beacon that navigates the tumultuous waters of fashion with a steady, purposeful course.

Nanamica Fall Winer 2023

The story of Nanamica is as deep and vast as the oceans it draws inspiration from. Founded by Eiichiro Homma, with a rich history steeped in the creation of The North Face Purple Label, the brand has charted a course through the fashion world that honors its roots while embracing innovation. Homma, a visionary with over two decades in designing outdoor wear, has infused Nanamica with a philosophy that transcends the ebb and flow of transient trends.

Nanamica's recent collaborations are a testament to its commitment to creativity and craftsmanship. The Nanamica x Suicoke collaboration brings forth limited-edition footwear that marries functionality with street style sophistication. With Palace Skateboards, Nanamica injects a skater's edge into high fashion, crafting pieces that are as at home on the streets of Shibuya as they are on the ramps of Venice Beach. And in its union with Dr. Martens, Nanamica reimagines the classic with a twist of Japanese sensibility, proving that true style knows no borders.

Nanamica x Dr Martens

At the heart of Nanamica's narrative is its innovative use of high-function fabrics. GORE-TEX fabrics, developed through a partnership with Gore Japan, offer waterproof, breathable comfort wrapped in classic aesthetics. KODENSHI® down reflects the body's own warmth, embracing the wearer in a cocoon of comfort, while ALPHADRY® fabric keeps one cool and composed, whether on a mountain trail or in a boardroom. COOLMAX® cotton blends natural fiber comfort with high-tech moisture management, ensuring every Nanamica garment supports a narrative of comfort and style.

The use of advanced materials like GORE-TEX and ALPHADRY® places Nanamica at the forefront of the gorpcore trend, emphasizing a fusion of style and outdoor utility.

Eiichiro Homma's journey with The North Face Purple Label is a significant chapter in the Nanamica saga. This collaboration is where the spirit of the Californian outdoors meets the precision of Japanese design, crafting apparel that's as much a fashion statement as it is an ode to the outdoor lifestyle.


As we chart the course ahead, Nanamica continues to innovate with its recent collaborations. Each partnership, each collection, is another page in our ongoing narrative, a story of a brand that sails forward with an unchanging philosophy, yet adapts with the winds of change.

Nanamica's ethos, "One Ocean, All Lands," speaks to a universality that transcends geographical boundaries. This philosophy is not just about the physical seas that connect continents but also about the shared human experience that connects us all. It's a call to embrace a universal narrative where fashion becomes a shared language, spoken in the dialect of durability, design, and sustainability.

In an industry often captivated by the fleeting, Nanamica remains steadfast in its commitment to timelessness. The brand's approach to design is methodical, deliberate, and deeply reflective. Each piece is engineered to endure not just the seasons but the years, becoming integral to the wearer's life story. This is reflected in their thoughtful shift from slim to loose fits, a response to the evolving narrative of comfort and style in our lives.

The recent global shifts have not left the world of fashion untouched. Nanamica's 'Home-Office Wear' series is a direct response to the changing tides of our daily lives. As the narrative of work and leisure blends into a new normal, the brand has seamlessly adapted, offering attire that caters to this lifestyle shift, ensuring comfort without compromising on the refined aesthetics.

True to its narrative-driven approach, Nanamica transcends the traditional confines of gender and age. Its designs speak a universal language that appeals to all, embodying a spirit of inclusivity and timelessness. The Daikanyama Women’s Store (D.W.S.) is a physical manifestation of this philosophy, catering to a growing interest in functional fashion without societal constraints.

As Nanamica's story unfolds across 24 countries, its essence remains deeply rooted in its Japanese origin. The brand's narrative is a global one, yet it retains a distinctive Japanese perspective, harmonizing Western clothing design with Japanese meticulousness.

Nanamica's journey is far from over. Each collaboration, each innovation, each garment is a testament to a brand that continues to sail confidently into the future. As it charts its course through the ever-changing waters of fashion, Nanamica remains true to its core - a brand that stands as a lighthouse for those who seek a narrative that weaves together the threads of fashion, function, and the timeless tales of the sea.

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